Tetsuo's Mapping Projects


This is Tetsuo's collection of maps and map screenshots. It's basically just an archive so that the public can view progress, screenshots, and updates.

Use the Nav-Bar to the left to get around the site. Clicking a link on the Nav-Bar will bring you to the respective map of that title. If the link says "-MOD-" Then the link is the title of the mod and the information will all be there.

Thanks for visiting.


Hey all. I haven't updated in a while. Just sheer laziness on my part. I have a lot of maps in the works and I'll update the ones I've been working on, plus some new ones as well. I just recently got Windows Vista, and Hammer 3.4 doesn't agree with it too well. As I CAN map with it, it just runs slow. There's no support for the dated graphics engine it runs. As well as there is no more Direct 3D support for Half-Life 1 anymore either; therefore, I'm stuck running my maps in software mode, so expect lesser quality screen-shots from here on out.
Stuff I'm working on :
  • 3-D Skybox and Details for de_inca
  • HL : Fission : Half-Life 2 Mod Page
  • dm_aquos - a competetion map for TWHL
  • downloads page - download access to all my maps
  • find a "faster than freewebs" download server for said maps



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